Friday, December 25, 2015

PvZ 2 is just a monetization of what was a good game

There's very very little new in the game mechanics of second version of Plants versus Zombies . And most of new features, especially in Zen garden, are targeted to force you to pay money, constantly.

It is important to say that the game is not free to play. Not at all. All PvZ players know it is impossible to pass higher levels using only starting seed slots, and it is impossible to buy extra slots with in-game coins, unlike in first version, only with real money -- $3.99 per slot.
I've bought several games already, and I do not have any problem buying extra seed slots, but how many? There are 6 starting slots, 7th one costs $4. What will be the limit, what is the ultimate game price to be playable?

I'd prefer an honest upfront payment like the v1 is.

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